It has been 48 hours since 200 people declared an eviction notice on the bully of our minds and hearts. The playgrounds of our pasts are no longer the free territory for the demons of darkness to roam. The Notice has been served we are the children of the most high we are making commitments to… GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR; past including the generations of our ancestors, our futures- we will not stand idly by and commit iniquity that destroys the days and lives of our children and their children and the present is not going to be controlled by the wearisome words of the nymphs of Hell itself. TO be honest in my preparations for the sermon, I thought the key illustration would be the building of the memorial stones to mark the time and day of the Eviction Notice. TO my amazement to NO SIN ZONE has caught fire . I am getting reports that people are declaring NSZ’s in their –car, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, recliners, their desks at work, ect… God’s application of a point is much more powerful than man’s intentions.  – Pastor Danny

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