5 Things to look for in a Preacher (Christ)

Have you ever sat in a pew or a chair and started to count the holes in the ceiling or start your to-do list for the next week?  Have you ever heard a preacher that’s content was good but he didn’t have any passion about what he was preaching?  Have you ever heard a preacher who seems to be putting on a show but you know that it’s not really who he is when he’s not behind the pulpit?

When looking for a church the preacher isn’t the only reason you should attend a church but it is a big factor.  But what is it that we should expect from our Bible Thumpers on stage?  Over the next week I will give you 5 things you should expect from a preacher.

When listening to our Sunday morning preachers is our motivation to put in our time for God?  Is our motivation to hear a motivational message that will encourage us to be a “better you”?

What is the motivation of the preacher?  To build the largest club of Sunday attendees as possible by giving the people what they want?  Our to rant and rave about all of his issues with the world we live in?

No matter how many people attend, how encouraging or discouraging the message may be, or what is going on outside of the 4 walls on Sunday’s, every preacher should be preaching the Gospel Jesus Christ.

If His life, death, and resurrection are not proclaimed from the pulpit how then do we expect the Gospel to spread?  Every message should point to Jesus, it is the grace, freedom, and reality that changes lives for eternity.  Without Jesus we are left with nothing.

Author: Pastor Mike England